Google Analytics Mandatories

Central Web Unit provides Google Analytics tracking setup as a free service to all units within the University. At minimum, all University websites must track onsite traffic with a Google Analytics tracking tag provided by the Central Web Unit (CWU).

Your responsibilities under the UNSW website analytics policy:

  • Register all public University websites under your control with CWU.
  • Place the CWU-provided Google Analytics tracking tag on those websites as directed.

You are free to implement additional analytics systems as desired, providing they do not interfere with the Google Analytics tracking tag. If you have an existing Google Analytics installation, CWU will provide instructions on the appropriate way to run multiple installations. CWU can only provide support for the installation of its Google Analytics tracking.

CWU's responsibilities to you:

  • We will provide all necessary Google Analytics tracking tags in a timely fashion following your request.
  • We will provide you with access to all Google Analytics data collected on your website on an ongoing basis.
  • If required by you, CWU will provide assistance in setting up the features described in 'Optional advanced features' below.

What basic tracking provides:

  • Number of visitors to entire site and individual pages
  • Site and page visit duration
  • Referring websites and search keywords
  • Visitor geographic information

Optional advanced tracking features (available on request):

  • Internal search engine tracking: See what search terms users are trying to find on your website. Only available if you have the ability to place the Google Analytics tracking tag on your search results page.
  • UNSW network filtering: Highly recommended. See only traffic from visitors on the UNSW network, or exclude these visitors from your tracking. Other dimensions include filtering Australian versus international traffic.
  • Outbound link tracking: See what links users are clicking to exit your site. Can also be used to see which links are clicked on important site features, such as the homepage.
  • Goal tracking: Measure how far users progress along a specific process within your site (for instance, a sign-up form).